Single sided clocks

Single sided clocks are complete clocks consisting of the clock face, the mechanism, and the hands. They can be used as individual features or they can be incorporated into cases or towers. We’ll be happy to give you advice on colours, designs, sizes, etc. that will best suit your scheme.

All clocks are not built equal.

The accuracy and long term reliability of your clock is essential - yet many unknowingly buy clocks with underpowered or fragile clock mechanisms.

The clock mechanism (the motor that drives the clock hands) is the heart of the clock - it must drive the hands through wind, rain, snow and storms - year after year.

We manufacture every clock with a mechanism that is over-powered in relation to the clock’s day to day needs but has the additional power necessary to keep the clock on time when the storms arrive.

"We build our clocks with pride so we build our clocks to last".

Flat Dial clocks

These are flat clock faces with applied vinyl markings. They are manufactured in either Acrylic or GRP. Examples of these clocks are shown in the section below.
Design - Almost any design is possible but the standard designs are 'Roman numeral', 'Skeleton' (Roman numerals within concentric circles), 'Arabic numerals' (1, 2, 3...) and 'Modern' (dashes to mark the hours). Colours - The standard colour is black markings on a white background but any colour markings on any coloured face are possible. Illumination - Depending on your project, rear illumination of the clock face may be an option.

'Roman numeral' design
'Skeleton' design
'Arabic numeral' design
'Modern' design

Curved/Convex Dial clocks

Curved/Convex dials are curved GRP clock faces with the clock hands and detailing picked out in extra thick, 24 carat, pure Gold leaf. Alternatively white or cream dials with black detailing and hands are available. Examples of these clocks are shown in the section below.
Designs - Our Curved faced clocks have Roman numerals.Colours - These clock faces can be moulded in literally any colour but our standard colours are black, white, cream (BS 08C31), deep green (14C39), rich blue (20D45) and wine (04D45 ).Illumination - Rear illumination from behind the clock face is not possible with Curved/Convex clocks - they can only be lit from the front.

Cased, single sided clocks

All of the above clock faces can also be manufactured and supplied with a rear case as shown in the examples below.The case can be mounted on the face of the wall or it can be built into your wall. They can often make it easier to fit a clock and offer space to fit internal illumination.The rear case tends to be round or square but we also manufacture cases with a decorative outer 'bezel' (frame around the clock face) and the much more elaborate 'Shield' style cases.