Tower clock refurbishment

Regretfully, over the years many magnificent mechanical Tower clocks have fallen into disrepair through lack of maintenance and general neglect.

By using only the original materials and techniques in their restoration or repair we ensure that these clocks are returned to their original condition whilst retaining their full historical integrity and value.

Completed refurbishment
Original clock mechanism installed in Co. Louth in 1846. Prior to cleaning.
Armagh Church clock after an on site strip-down and rebuild. The clock mechanism was by Chancellor of Dublin.
Beautiful little school clock after a full restoration
School Tower clock before restoration.
Contemporary stainless steel frame built to house the refurbished Tower clock.
Public clock during final testing after a full refurbishment.
Public clock during final testing after a full refurbishment.
Town Hall clock prior to removal and restoration.
Town Hall clock following restoration. Original paint retained.
Church Tower clock's dial motion works prior to removal.
Dial motion works in testing. Cleaned and ready to paint.
Cathedral Tower clock. Before refurbishment. Co. Donegal.
The Tower clock from the Cathedral after a full refurbishment (including painting).
Cleaning - before and after.